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Workpiece examples include:

Transmission parts, fuel injection parts, heating and air conditioning parts, thermostat, hydraulic fittings, electrical components, shift levers for transmissions; pump, motor or reservoir cases or housings.

Case Histories

Aluminum Fan Parts
Genesee designed this special indexable tool for an automotive manufacturer to machine three features on aluminum fan parts on a CNC machining center.

The customer's old process required three individual tools mounted in a fixed head. The cycle time was eight seconds.

The Genesee tool holds three adjustable ISO cartridges to machine one feature while the three independently adjustable form inserts produce the other two features simultaneously. The total cycle time has been reduced to approximately one second while still allowing the customer to maintain their statistical capability requirements of 1.67 minimum on new processes.

Front End Assembly Shaft Part
A contract manufacturer was producing an automotive front-end assembly shaft part from 4140 bar material.
  • The part required a very high production run using 1.625 round, 4140 bar stock in an eight-spindle automatic bar machine.
  • The customer was using roller box tools, solid hollow mills and single point tools to rough and finish machine a pre-thread, .551 diameter by 1.75" long and a .788 diameter an additional length of 2.12" for an overall length of 3.87".
  • They would chamfer the part end and steps between the diameters.
  • It was necessary with existing tooling to rough the diameters twice prior to finishing, and cycle times were not adequate to keep up with the production requirements.

A standard GEN-DEX hollow mill from Genesee complete with insert holders for machining square shoulders and 45° chamfers replaced all prior tooling for the manufacturer's operations.

  • The customer was able to eliminate one roughing operation while still easily holding size and tolerances, using GEN-DEX roughers to remove in excess of .500" from the diameters in the roughing operation.
  • GEN-DEX removed more material in the finishing operation as well.
  • Chamfering of the steps and end is handled by the GEN-DEX tool with 45° insert holders.
  • The GEN-DEX inserts are easily changed in the machine without resetting required and without loss of part size.

The contract manufacturer reported that productivity has tripled and tooling costs were significantly reduced with the new GEN-DEX tool due to less downtime, elimination of the second roughing operation, faster feed rates with multiple cutters and longer tool life.

Brake Pad Assembly Part
An American manufacturer of automotive brake pad assembly parts produced three different parts from anodized aluminum extruded material.
  • The parts required producing a 30.35mm and 25.60 mm diameter on two ends.
  • Those same ends required chamfering of an internal hole and facing to the length of the ends.
  • On another side of the extrusion, it was required to produce a 27mm tenon diameter, a .010 radius at the shoulder and face square at the end of turn to 40mm extrusion diameter.
  • All tools were required to have ABS shanks.

Special GEN-DEX hollow mill bodies were designed complete with four precision insert holders to hold GEN-DEX ½" IC inserts for turning the end diameters and complete with ground holes and depth adjustment for internal tools to perform the I.D. chamfering and facing operations.

  • All tool bodies take common insert holders and can accommodate any of the internal tools required for the family of parts.
  • Genesee provide three different interchangeable, internal, indexable facing and chamfering tools.
  • All tools manufactured to be mounted and welded to ABS shanks.
  • For the 27mm tenon diameter, a special GEN-DEX roughing tool removes most of the material to be followed by a modified standard inserted blade hollow mill to finish diameter ±.001.
  • The inserted blade hollow mill produces a .010 radius at the juncture of the tenon diameter with the shoulder.

The customer reports that all machining of the three ends is being completed with the Genesee tooling in less than 9 seconds.

High Carbon Steel Automotive Part

An American manufacturer of a high carbon steel automotive part needed to produce a 10° x 10 mm taper.

  • High production volume was required

Special GEN-DEX tool featuring four triangular inserts in four adjustable insert holders produces 10 by 10mm taper in less than 1/2 second (time in cut).

  • An Acme thread ground straight shank with flat and Acme stop nut is provided for pre-setting.
  • Genesee manufactured a hardened, ground spindle adapter for mounting the hollow mill to the customer's machine tool.
  • The adapter included a high speed bronze coolant ring to permit coolant to be pumped through the tool.

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Front End Assembly Shaft Part

Brake Pad Assembly Part