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Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration
Workpiece examples include:

Valves, electronics parts, hydraulic fittings, pipe tapers, compression fittings, regulator valves, sprinkler systems, petcocks and pressure relief and shut off valves. Hollow Mills are an excellent and accurate method to produce diameters for cutting or rolling threads.

Case Histories

Plumbing Fixtures
Genesee was asked by major US manufacturer of plumbing and heating components to design tooling to produce:
  • 1/8, 1/4 and 3/8 pipe thread ends
  • 5/32, 1/4 and 3/8 tube ends
  • and two different multi diameter form ends of a series of different brass and stainless valve and fitting parts.

The customer had new, specially built machines for this process but also wanted to continue manufacture on existing machines.

Specially designed Genesee hollow mill bodies that hold sets of match ground HSS or carbide tipped form blades were produced.
  • Tools for the new machines were designed with #30 mm taper.
  • Tools for existing machines were designed with straight shanks.
  • Other than the shanks, the tools are identical to accept the same sets of blades.
  • All twelve details of the blades can be used in any tool body.
  • The hollow mill was provided with a depth-adjustable spot drill to ensure the concentricity of subsequently drilled holes.
Drain Tees
A major American commercial and consumer plumbing and fixture manufacturer required tooling to produce the three similar fitting ends of their brass drain tees.
  • Each end required a small diameter on the end with a 45° chamfer to a larger pre-thread diameter.
  • Each end had extensive internal chamfer and bore work for which the customer used special internal tools.

The customer had new, specially built machines for this process but also wanted to continue manufacture on existing machines.

Genesee designed a special inserted blade hollow mill with four match ground carbide tipped blades.
  • Two blades produce the smallest diameter and chamfer while two blades hollow mill the larger diameter preparatory to thread rolling.
  • The tool was provided with ground hole, set screws and depth adjustment mechanism to hold any of the required internal tools.
  • Chip removal holes for internal tools and special shank per customer's requirements
Cast Parts
A machine tool builder supplied a customer with a special vertical machining center for producing the end geometry on cast parts in a variety of materials including cast brass, bronze and cast 303 and 304 stainless steel.
  • All finishes were required to be 63 or better
  • Tooling was required to:
    • face end of part length,
    • produce concentric spot drill for later operation
    • chamfer end of part
    • hollow mill .405 diameter x .285 long face to O.D.
    • and chamfer O.D. of casting
  • Required a #40 NMBT quick change shank.
Genesee designed a special hollow mill incorporating all requirements including:
  • special depth-adjustable spotting tool
  • complete with four match ground brazed carbide form blades to produce all features simultaneously
  • Replaceable and regrindable Genesee blades provide better than 63 finish and finishes are ±.001 part tolerances on all part materials.
Special Tube Trimming
A leading heat transfer products manufacturer was looking for a more efficient method of removing material from copper, copper-nickel and stainless steel double-walled tube which exposed an inner diamond leak path.
  • The old method involved loading a tube into a bar holder connected to a turret lathe; machining one end with a step pattern; unloading and reloading the tube; and machining the opposite side.
  • The process cycle time was about 15 minutes per tube and required tool indexing to rough and finish the step pattern.
  • Frequent diameter measurements were required and a skilled machinist was dedicated to the job.
Genesee helped develop hollow mill tooling that would be installed in a new end trimming machine.
  • We designed special step blades for use in a standard hollow mill to finish the tube ends in one pass.
  • The new hollow mill cutting tool now cuts tubes at speeds of 1185 rpm and a feed rate of 3 inches per minute.
  • The step blades eliminated tool change on the tube-machining operation and reduced cycle time for one tube from 15 minutes to just 3.6 minutes in the new double-end machine.
  • Labor costs were also significantly reduced since a highly skilled machinist is no longer required.
  • Productivity increased over 400%.

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Plumbing Fixtures

Drain Tees