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Genesee Manufacturing Company, Inc., a leader in hollow mill cutting tool technology, introduces the new patented GEN-DEX® Indexable Hollow Mill (U.S. Patent No. 6,533,506), the first uniformly adjustable, positive rake, indexable insert hollow mill. The GEN-DEX® tool enables operators to hollow mill from the end of a part, with multiple indexable inserts, offering a substantial expansion of Genesee’s well-known line of inserted blade hollow mills.

The new GEN-DEX® technology combines standard ISO inserts in precision, match ground, uniformly adjustable insert holders for hollow milling both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The tools have 1/4" range of adjustability for 1/8" to 2" diameters. The patented combination of tool-holder geometry and insert geometry produces constant axial and radial rake and constant clearance angles through the entire range of diameter adjustment. Insert holders are standardized to be used in any tool body and hold 3/8” IC square, triangular, or round inserts. Genesee stocks a large selection of application specific, precision ground “C” tolerance inserts for optimum performance.

Once GEN-DEX® Hollow Mills are set, no additional adjustment is required after indexing to hold common milling tolerances. With GEN-DEX® precision ground inserts, tolerances of ±.001” or better on finishing cuts are held on a production basis. The maximum recommended depth of cut varies from 3/16” to .300” (3/8” to .600” on diameter) depending on the material and the application. Specially designed GEN-DEX® tools are manufactured to order for heavier cuts, interrupted cuts, and large facing chamfering operations.

With headquarters in Rochester, NY, Genesee offers a complete line of adjustable, inserted blade hollow mills in a wide variety of styles and sizes, as well as tube deburring tools and special adjustable, indexable and inserted blade production tooling. Genesee production tools can be successfully used to machine any material — such as steel, malleable iron, aluminum, brass, bronze, cast iron and others — on just about any machine tool, from automatics to CNC machining centers.