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Requesting a Quote

Genesee Manufacturing is happy to provide you with a quotation for your tooling needs and to assist you in ordering the right product for your specifications. You can print and complete the following questionnaire to assist us in meeting your requirements. You can also contact us at:

Genesee Manufacturing Company
566 Hollenbeck Street
Rochester, NY 14621 USA
Telephone: (585) 266-3201 · Fax: (585) 266-4499

Request a Quote/Recommendation
To request a quote or a recommendation for a standard or special tool, provide the following information:
The finish diameter to be hollow milled:
The rough stock diameter or outer part diameter:
The length to be hollow milled:
Blade geometry: Specify either standard (square corner) or the chamfer or radius required. Part print required for form blades:
Maximum shank size or size and type of shank required:
Material and type of part:
Proposed feed and speed (or ask us to recommend):
Machine tool, tool holder and extension:
Finish/tolerance requirements:

A part print is required for special tool quotations.

ZIP Code: